Welcome to the Newmarket Skating Club's Online Registration

Registration for Summer is now open. 
Spring registration will open on the following dates
March 9 at 9 am - Learn to Skate programs (Canskate and Kidskate)
March 23 at 9 am - STARSkate for current members (Advanced, Senior, Intermediate & Junior)
March 24 at 9 am - STARSkate for NEW members (Advanced, Senior, Intermediate & Junior)
*****Please register for Spring and Summer on separate invoices***** 
For program information, schedule, prices and rates please visit our website at www.newmarketskatingclub.com
All skating programs take place at the Magna Centre located at 800 Mulock Drive, east of Bayview, west of Leslie.

Members who registered last season can simply login with the email and password they used previously and go to Registration.  If you cannot remember your login details, PLEASE DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT as multiple accounts for a family will create problems. Please email office@newmarketskatingclub.com for assistance.

If you have not set up a member account you will need to create a Family Account to get started.  To do so please follow these instructions:

To begin, select Login from the top right corner of the page.  If you have an account then proceed to login and if you are new you need ot set up a Family account. Instructions for setting up your Family Account are provided here Account Setup Instructions.pdf

  1. Once you have created your Family Account, click on Registration located  in the menu bar at the top of the page. You will then be taken to the Programs page.
  2. From the Programs page, use the filters on the left to select the correct season and category and then choose the program you wish to register for.
  3. When you are done choosing your programs please check to make sure you have the right skater in the right program.
  4. You must accept the Policies in red before you can confirm and check out.

The on-line system is secure and easy to use. You can pay with credit card or you can choose the option to pay offline with cheque or cash.  If you use your credit card for payment, your spot is immediately secured. If you choose the option to pay offline your payment must be received within 5 business days.  Detailed instructions for offline payments will be provided at the bottom of the invoice once you complete your registration.

For families with 3 or more skaters there is a discount of 5 percent per skater. all skaters must be registered on the same invoice for it to apply.

There is a discount of 10 percent offered on the CanSkate and KidSkate programs when the same skater registers for 2 or more sessions on the same invoice, this does not apply to summer programs.

STARskate members please note


INTERMEDIATE MUST DO 3 DAYS A WEEK in Fall/Winter but can do 2 in Spring 

SENIOR MUST DO 3 DAYS A WEEK in Fall/Winter but can do 2 in Spring 

NOTE: All pricing is at the per session price and then the muti-day discount will be calculated at checkout.  If you are paying in installments, the first payment (inital deposit to reserve your choices) is calculated as 10 percent of the session price before any discounts are applied plus the Skate Canada fee then the remaining balance is divided over the number of installments. There is a $10 admin fee to switch sessions once the program has started.

Thank you for choosing the Newmarket Skating Club, we look forward to seeing you on the ice soon.

If you have any questions, or problems completing your registration, please email office@newmarketskatingclub.com